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Ipsy – May

Wow Ipsy is shaking things up this month!!
They are introducing rewards for referrals
they are making the bags more personal based on your preferences.

Here is what I received in my bag this month.

May’s Theme: Spring Fling


So far so good!


Um, if you can’t tell by my blog colors – then let me clue you in…
I’m really digging the theme and colors!


Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl Luminizing Body Butter
Retail $24 for 8 oz or $7.00 for 2 oz (Sample Size)

This has a strong coconut smell that reminds me of suntan lotion.
I love the sparkle effect – it’s not over the top – but noticeable.


Yaby Concealer in ‘Buff’
Retail $4.85 for 3.5 g – Full Size Sample

Yep, this really is a full size sample.

Now that MAC is testing on animals – I have to find some new
concealer and foundation.

I kinda dig the idea of smaller sizes so the make up doesn’t get so germy.
The Buff color is too pale for my complexion 😦
I found the formula too creamy and pools – so it accentuates even the smallest crease.
Not ideal!


Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in ‘Fig’
Retail $15.00 for .28 oz – Sample Value $7.50 for .14 oz

I love this gloss!!
Great color for the summer – kind of a rosy-bronzy color.  Great aroma!
Not sticky and VERY conditioning with no taste.
My hubby was impressed!


Zoya Professional Lacquer in ‘Blu’
Retail $8.00 – Full Size Sample

I was soooo excited to get a Zoya polish!!  Then I opened it…

Not really digging this color.  It’s more chalk grey with a hint of blue.
Looks like an ink pen dribbled into some White Out.

Update:  For S&G’s I tried this out.  Definitely got people to notice my toes!
My feet are VERY tan now – and it looks more baby blue.
But even my girlfriend said she first thought of White Out 🙂


NuMe Finishing Serum
Retail $29 for 2 oz/59 ml – Sample Value $4.92 for .33 oz/10 ml

I have not tried this yet.
I am in the middle of an Aveda product test so this will have to wait
a couple more weeks.

Total Value for my May Ipsy bag – $32.27

Ipsy is a $10 per month subscription service that offers deluxe and full size product samples.
Click here to use my referral link to learn more about Ipsy.

I paid for my subscription and have not been asked to write or been compensated for any of the reviews listed in my blog!

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Love With Food – April

My first Love With Food box!  This box subscription rocks!
Not only can I share it with my family
but a child in need gets a meal for each box sold!

Now that is cool!

April’s theme: Weird, Wild & Wonderful Foods
Curated by Andrew Zimmern


 Hmmmm – Let’s dig in!


Box list


JJ’s Sweets Cocomels
Original and Sea Salt – 1 piece of each
Retail $24.99 for 1 lb – Sample Value $1.00

These are made with coconut milk and taste homemade.
We really enjoyed them.


Lemony Lover
Retail $14.99 for 10 X 1.1 oz packs – Sample Value $1.50

I really love olives – my husband not so much.
These are not briny but have a bright light flavor.


Somersault Snacks
Salty Pepper Nuggets
Retail $3.99 for 6 oz – Sample Value $.67

My husband and I had the same look of fear as we tried these.
Would these taste like dirt or earthy?!?
The looks quickly turned to smiles – these are so freaking yummy!!
We ended up purchasing a 12 pack off Amazon in the Santa Fe Salsa flavor.


Organic Fennel Pollen from Pollen Ranch
Retail $9.95 for 14 g – Sample Value $.71

This came with a recipe for pork – we haven’t tried yet.
However, this was wonderful in a Citrus Fennel Salad!


Buff Lo Dip
Creamy Buffalo Ranch Dip
Retail $8.00 for 15 oz – Sample Value $1.07

Think Velveeta with Tabasco and Ranch mixed together.
This was our least favorite thing.


The Good Bean
Smoky Chili & Lime
$3.00 for 2.5 oz

We used to get fried chickpeas at this great Cuban restaurant.
These were better in flavor – but not as crunchy.
They are healthier so the trade off is worth it.


Mini Pops
Air Popped Sorghum Grain
Retail $2.98 for 3 oz – Sample Value $.99

This was a great find!
Tastes and looks like tiny popcorn but without
getting crap stuck in your gums!
Bonus, our toddler could eat it without worries 🙂

Total Value of my April Love With Food Box – $8.94

The boxes are $12 per month (cheaper for longer plans).
My husband and I agree we come out ahead because
a child is fed as well.  So one for one – like TOMS 🙂

They also offer rewards for purchases and referrals –
similar to Birchbox.

Click here to use my referral link if you would like more information!

I paid for my subscription and have not been asked to write or been compensated for any of the reviews listed in my blog!

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