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Sharing Great Finds With You!

Who is Mo?

A Crazed Northwest Mom And Wife Who Researches Everything!

If you are here it is because you most likely hit a tag for an item/site/service you are interested in and want to know if it worth your time and most importantly – your money.  My goal is to provide honest reviews that you can trust and to help you find some great deals as well.

Being the main shopper to our single income family means doing so with a VERY limited budget.  Added to that we live  in an area where our shopping choices are super limited.  We love high quality and don’t mind spending a buck or two more if it is something that works great and/or will last.  But let’s be honest – it’s WAY more fun to get an great item at a great savings!  So this means lots of online purchases, researching reviews and doing a butt load of cost comparisons.  I always like to pass along great finds on to our family and friends.  A few of them suggested creating a website with the information I find.  Hence the creation of this blog!

Please note – I am not harboring any passion for being a novelist or journalist.  So you will see MANY run-on sentences and crazy use of the English language.  My real passions lean towards my family, food, good drinks and shopping.

Many of the sites I like offer credits or shopping kudos for referrals.  If you decide to join a site based on a review I would appreciate it greatly if you would use the referral link in my post to do so.  It’s how I signed up for many of these sites in the first place 🙂

As we all learned in kindergarten – “Sharing is caring!”

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Please note that I have not accepted free items, been compensated or asked to write any reviews.
If I something like that did happen the information would be noted in the post.


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