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Love With Food – September

This month our favorite box was curated by celebrity chef, Ming Tsai!
He chose foods that are gluten-free – we had no idea there are so many!
Not only that but Love With Food and Chef Tsai are working
together to help end childhood hunger in our country.

1 in  5 Children in the USA go hungry every day
For every box purchased a meal is given to a child in need!

September Theme: Hunger Action Month


Once again – a great assortment to choose from!

IMG_4882 IMG_4883

Inserts that include the package list as well as a link to
Ming Tsai’s cookbook and instruction videos.
Go to http://www.ming.com/in-your-kitchen.htm
for more information.


Millies Savory Teas in ‘Indian Spice’ and ‘Spicy Tortilla’
Retail $13.95 for a tin of 15 – Sample Value $1.86

These smell wonderful!  Unfortunately, the flavor isn’t as strong.
We found them way too mild tasting.  We opened one and tried
rubbing it on chicken – thinking we might get more flavor – but it was a no go.

We think if they upped the flavor profile these would be great.


Dipin Pepper & Artichoke Bruschetta
Retail $17.88 for 12 – Sample Value $1.49

This rocks!  My hubby is not a fan of bruschetta and he gobble this down!
Has a wonderful roasted red pepper flavor that is VERY pronounced!
We plan on getting these for him for work – they are that good!


Wild Garden Hummus in ‘Roasted Garlic’
Retail $15.99 for 24 – Sample Value $.67

This is great humus!  Love the package – super easy to use.
We are thinking of getting a case of these – they will be great
for snacks and trips.  PS sorry for the canned photo – mine did not turn out.


Betty Lou’s Fruit Bars in ‘Blueberry’
Retail $16.09 for 12 – Sample Value $1.34

We are not fans of blueberries – so my hubby and I weren’t too
thrilled with this.  Our kid usually likes them – but he didn’t
care for this at all.  If you like blueberries you may dig it
otherwise, we will take a pass on this.


YumEarth Fruit Snacks in ‘Banana, Cherry, Peach & Strawberry’
Retail $4.49 for 5 – Sample Value $.90

Our kid usually hates gummy candy – which doesn’t break our hearts.
These he loved!  At all but the two we sampled – and couldn’t stand – go figure!
It’s great that they are organic and have vitamins – so we don’t
feel bad letting him eat these.  We may get them as treats.


Cosmos Creations in ‘Cinnamon Crunch’
Retail $2.49 for 2.5 oz bag – Sample Value $.70 for .7 oz bag

These are odd.  They technically taste good – but if feels like you are
eating a stale cinnamon roll.  It’s not a pleasurable snack.


Bare Fruit Apple Chips in ‘Cinnamon’
Retail $25.38 for 24 – Sample Value $1.06

They are dehydrated apples.  Nothing special really.  Taste good but we can
make them ourselves with local organic apples.


Organicasaurus in ‘Cheddar Cheese’
Retail $24 for 16 – Sample Value $1.50

These are tasty and fun.  Our son loved them and they aren’t
super unhealthy.  Nice cheesy corny flavor!


Licious Organics Raw Cookie in ‘Cherry Berry’
Retail $1.30 – Full Sized Sample

This was hands down our least favorite thing in the box.
It was very gritty and the flavor was cloying.
The kid spit it out if that tells you anything :-/

Total Value for our September Love With Food box – $10.82

This was a nice assortment of snacks for work and for school lunches.
And, as always, we feel good about helping children get a meal!

On a side note – we purchased two subscriptions for friends as
gifts and they love them.  With the holidays coming up this
might be a great gift idea for some on your list that may be
hard to buy for.

Love With Food is a $12 monthly box subscription ($10 with the annual)
that delivers 8+ gourmet food items to your door.
They offer a rewards system for reviews, referrals and purchases.
In addition for every box sold a meal is donated to a child in need!

Click here to use my referral link for more information on Love With Food.

I paid for my subscription and have not been asked to write or been compensated for any of the reviews listed in my blog!

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Birchbox – September

Birchbox is celebrating their 3rd anniversary this month
and the box they put together is a great way to celebrate fall.

September’s Theme:  Heritage


Hair, nails, mascara and lips – I’m soooo excited!

IMG_4872 Collage

What this month is all about.


Eyeco Black Magic Mascara
Retail $24 for 8 ml – Sample Value $12 for 4 ml

This is kind of odd mascara for me.  It didn’t look very nice on my upper lashes.
However, it REALLY lengthened my lower lashes!
I have been using the It’s So Big mascara from Ipsy on the upper and this on the lower.
Love the final look!


Amika Blow Up Spray
Retail $24 for 8 fl oz. – Sample Value $6 for 2 fl oz.

I love Amika products.  However, volume is the opposite of my needs.
Trying to tamp my mane down is my concern.  But I tried it anyway
and it really does add volume.  Hubby got a giggle from my “large hair.”
My girlfriend with super fine hair will love this!


Dr. Jart+ Premium BB Cream
Retail $39 for 40 ml – Sample Value $4.88 for 5 ml

I didn’t care for this.  The formula is rather heavy.  Plus, it seems to only come
in one color – and that color made my skin look ashy.  Because it is so heavy I
would not be able to put my foundation on top of this without looking overdone.

I will see if one of my friends would like to try it.


Ruffian Nail Lacquer in ‘Hedge Fund’
Retail $10 for 5 ml – Full Sized Sample

At first I was not thrilled to see green – the last nail color BB sent me was green.
Then I put it on and I loved it!  It’s khaki with gold fleck – perfect for fall!

What I didn’t love is how toxic smelling this is!  Yipes!  I will be painting
my nails outside with this.  Haven’t they figured out how to go 3 free??? :-/


Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
Retail $14.50 for 15 ml – Sample Value $2.90 for 3 ml

This is very similar to Bag Balm – but more expensive and in a better package.
It’s moisturizing and very thick – which is great for protecting your lips from
wind and cold during harsh winter weather.  Just keep in mind you will
be balming your significant other’s lips when you kiss 😉

Total Value for my September Birchbox – $35.78

All-in-all this was a pretty great box!  I just wish Birchbox would send
nail polish that isn’t so harmful – like Zoya, butter LONDON or Sation.
I am looking forward to seeing what they have in store for next month!
Halloween would be a great way for them to let their freak flags fly :-}

Birchbox is a $10 per month subscription service that offers deluxe & full size samples.
Click here to use my referral link if you would like to learn more
about Birchbox based on my post.

I paid for my subscription and have not been asked to write or been compensated for any of the reviews listed in my blog!