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Fab.com is very contemporary and eclectic – and well, Fabulous.  If you love boutique stores that have fun and unique items this is the place for you!  There is always something quirky offered that will make you smile.

I also like the fact that they offer some great food options like Magnolia Bakery or Tomr’s Tonic.  And companies that offer unique plants and/or planters.

Think that super cool artistic friend that you envied because they always found the coolest offbeat items you wish you could find – this is that site.  It is geared towards singletons in their twenties or thirties with money to burn – think Urban Outfitters and you get the idea.


  • High-end boutique brands you would find in New York, Chicago or Los Angeles at discount prices.
  • Free shipping with minimum order (usually $50 to $75 depending on offer).
  • Ships to Canada.
  • Offers items for Men.
  • Offers items for Pets.
  • Offers Vintage (one of a kind) items.
  • Offers contemporary and modern furniture.
  • Sales last for six days.
  • Credit for referring friends to the site.
  • Daily sales are by category – i.e. Foodie, Young@Heart, Pets, etc.  Plus, you can opt out of the sale emails you have no interest in receiving.
  • They send special offers to members – i.e. $10 for Valentine’s day – that you will not find by using Google.


  • Shipping is $4.95 to $9.95 – so it can get pricey if you are just under the minimum amount for the free ship offer.
  • High surcharges for items shipped to Hawaii, Alaska and on many food items (due to refrigeration needs).
  • Not much offered for children.  More like toys for adults.
  • Returns are not accepted on most items – but some are returnable!
  • Have to have at least 10 friends sign up before you will see a credit – $30.
  • Shipping is slow.
  • Some items are very expensive!

This is a great site to browse and be part of just not on a daily basis for me.  I have found some great gifts and everyone always wants to know where I them – this is one of my stops.

If you are not a member of Fab and decide to join based on my post please click here to use my referral link.

Please note that I have not accepted free items, been compensated or asked to write any reviews.
Oh, and if something like that did happen I would note that information in the post.

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What is Zulily? Gilt? Fab? Should I care?

Have you seen those ads pop to the side offering wonderful deals?  Wondered just how wonderful they can be?  So did I.

I signed up for ALL of them.  Hell-oooo, limited budget here!  Each offer items at great discounts.  They also offer brands that are not mainstream – offering a more unique shopping experience.  This really comes in handy when finding gifts for family and friends. 

So, are they worth signing up for and/or the time to read the daily emails?  I will add a post for each that weighs out the pros and cons so you can decide if one or all would be right for you.

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