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Escape – October – Hawaii

on October 23, 2013

So, I received my second Escape Monthly box.
One of the reasons I got excited about this box was the promise of
Full-Size Luxury Products from Local, Artisan Brands (Worth over $100)
At $49.95 (or $39.95 for life with one of the many codes available) this seems like a great deal.

Last month was pretty good – but not worth over $100.
I was really jazzed about this month – it’s freaking HAWAII – how can that be bad?
Let’s look at what we got…

October’s Theme: A Luxury Tour of the Big Island
Destination: Hawaii


Right away I see lots of deluxe samples not full size products.
Let’s break it down.


Item list and it looks like Vermont will be spotlighted next month.

IMG_4955 collage

Honey Girl Organics Face & Eye Cream and Night Cream
Retail $30.99 for 1.75 fl oz / 50 g for each
Sample Value: Face & Eye Cream $7.44 for 12 g – Night Cream $1.24 for 2 g

On the insert this is valued at $62 – however, when you go to the website you
realize this is a deluxe sample – not a full size product – and retail is $30.99 each.

The creams have an off smell.  Not the worst – but it doesn’t fade.
It did soften my skin but made it feels greasy.


Hawaiian Host Dark Chocolate Covered Macadamias
Retail $2

These are good – they’re chocolate and macadamia nuts – how can that be bad?
On the website these are sold for $26.50 for 24 packs – so really $1.10 each retail.
They were even cheaper at Costco.


Moon Big Island of Hawaii Travel Guide
Retail $17.99

This is a nice guide.  If we hit the Big Island it will come in handy.


Ola Body Butter in Passion Fruit
Retail $10 for 2 oz

Holy smokes does this smell like lilikoi (passion fruit).
Like you rubbed the fruit directly on you!
After about an hour it starts to mellow out.
Leaves your skin silky without being greasy.


Personal Paradise Body Lotion in Coconut Lime
Retail Value $3 for 2 oz

This is the line of lotions the Outrigger Hotels use on the islands.
I love this lotion – and had some already from our last stay
(they gave me extra when I mentioned how much I loved the lotion).

On the product list this is valued at $9.95 – however, that is for the 8 oz Body Wash.


Artisan Salt Co in ‘Alaea’ Hawaiian Sea Salt
Retail $14.99 for 7 oz / 198 g – Sample Value $3 for .7 oz / 22 g

We use this to make Kalua Pig in the slow cooker, check out the recipe here.
However, we get this same salt at the grocery store.
They sell it for $9.99 per pound in the deli area.


Tiesta Tea in Maui Mango
Retail $6.99 (listed as $7.99) for 2.5 oz

First the good – this tastes good!  Enjoyed it.

Now the bad…

This does not come from “Local, Artisan Brands” – it comes from a company based
in Chicago – as in Illinois.  Just because it says “Maui” doesn’t mean throw it in.


Seashell Lei
Retail $5.99 for one dozen – Sample Value $.50

Actually, we picked these up for $3 for a dozen.  The list has a retail value of $5.99 for this.
Not sure if they left off the “dozen” part – or if they are trying to inflate the value.

I am thinking the latter based on this next item…


Gentle Scrub Facial Buff
Retail $2.49 for two – Sample Value $1.50

So, this is listed as having a retail value of $7
I found the same – only cuter – here.
The closest I could find to this design was here – and those are priced
at $5.29 for three – if the same still only makes this worth $1.75 NOT $7


Royal Hawaiian Orchards in Papaya Lime Macadamia Crunch
Retail $4.15 for 4 oz

Too sweet and too much lime pith – so there is a bitterness to this.
Kind of a shame – I love lime flavor anything!


Tub & Scrub Bath Salts in Oregon Rain
Retail $10 for 10 oz

This smells great – though I find it funny it’s called Oregon Rain.
This scent would have been great last month in the Oregon box 🙂


Ostara Organics Lavendar Foot Bath
Retail $3 for 4 oz – Sample Value $1.50 for 2 oz

This is not on the list.  It’s not from Hawaii – it’s made in Colorado.
Not a Hawaiian scent.  It’s as though this was thrown in to take up space
and make the box seem fuller.  It’s nice – but has nothing to do with Hawaii.

Total Value for our October Escape box – $68.31
Total Value according to Escape’s price list – $152.06

Why send tea from Chicago and not Kona Coffee from the Big Island?
Or instead of a bag of foot bath from Colorado how about an item from Malie Organics?

We lived on Oahu 2006 thru 2009 so we are familiar with some of the local products.
There are many to explore – the locals are very proud of their traditions and offering
unique products that are made in Hawaii and no place else.

Birchbox and Ipsy make the subscription box biz look easy
but keep in mind both are not making what you get bigger than reality.
You sign up for deluxe samples and if you happen to get a full size item that is just a bonus.

Escape Monthly promised FULL SIZE products from local brands
worth over $100 – however, for the second month that is not what was delivered.

For this reason we have cancelled our subscription.

I paid for my subscription and have not been asked to write or been compensated for any of the reviews listed in my blog!


2 responses to “Escape – October – Hawaii

  1. That looks like a great box – but how odd that this sub box is misrepresenting information…. And I’m so jealous that you lived in Hawaii for a while!
    – Michelle

    • Mizz Mo says:

      Thanks for visiting! This is only the third box put out by this company. I am thinking they wrote out a business plan and they are finding reality is not matching paper. Hence, all of full size products are shrinking down to deluxe samples.

      Don’t be jealous – you never know where life is going to take you – and you just might end up living over there one day too 🙂

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